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Initial fact-finding meeting

Whether we’ve met you through a visit to our showroom, or through recommendation from an existing customer, the process for our clients usually starts with a no-obligation consultation, at your home.

This is one of the most important stages as the information gleaned from this meeting will inform the overall design of the finished kitchen. We will be listening to your desires, how you see yourselves using the kitchen, considering proximity and style of rooms, doors and windows, existing kitchen appliances and features you may wish to retain, the space, the light, all the little things that come together to make the perfect kitchen for you and your home.

Measurements and notes will be taken, together with photographs for reference when your plans are being drawn up.

Outline plans and Budget

Plans and a budget will then be prepared and on completion we will invite you to our showroom in Petersfield to view and discuss the proposals. At this stage of course nothing is set in stone and anything can be changed, but you will have the basis for you new kitchen on paper.

Building works and Project Management

During the meeting we will also discuss any necessary building works and how you wish this to be managed; we offer a full project management service and are accustomed to moving and removing walls etc., but we also recognise that on some projects where perhaps the kitchen is just one element of a larger plan, this may not be necessary and we are happy to work alongside other suppliers and trades.

Discussions, decisions and changes

Often our clients wish to discuss our proposals for a week or two prior to making any final decisions on the finer detail, which is fine. Changes are possible to all plans, subject to budget of course, right up to the time of the final survey. And to be honest, we can and will make changes further on from this but there will be a cost implication. We would prefer you made changes rather than regretted not saying something. The most important thing is that you are happy.

Fine Detail, Final Survey and Sign-off

Next we work with you to define the finer details. We confirm textures, colours and finishes, hinges, taps, appliances, lighting, tiles, switches. We confirm our earlier measurements in light of any layout changes that may have been made during the earlier processes.

Once the design and details have been ironed out and final budgets identified we ask for your sign-off on the plans, just to ensure you are 100% happy with everything. A detailed survey is undertaken to check the final measurements, then we can really get to work.

Creating the Kitchen

This is where the magic really starts to happen. From the raw materials a bespoke kitchen starts to materialise; not bought-in units being cobbled together, but millimetre-perfect sections of kitchen, frames, doors drawers and carcases being crafted by hand in our own local workshops. A combination of todays precision machinery together with years of hands-on expertise come together to create bespoke kitchen furniture.

The Dowers ‘method’ is to create kitchen furniture, as one might expect of craftsmen. You will find our kitchens feature very few ‘join lines’ between cupboards unlike those put together with modular units. We don’t waste space with filler ‘blanks’, we simply adjust the width of the furniture we are building to fit your space, and where an existing feature creates an obstacle in the room, such as a protruding wall or chimney, we simply adjust the depth of cupboards and drawers to encompass them.

In short, we give you a stronger kitchen, with a better finish, and better use of the available space.

Clients are welcome to visit the workshop, by appointment, to see their kitchen as it develops, and for remote clients we have been known to supply a photographic record to satisfy their interest.


Installation and Completion of your kitchen

One of the benefits of creating proper kitchen furniture is ease and speed of final installation. Our methods create a stronger more integrated kitchen that comes together rapidly in this final stage of assembly.

Of course we must not lose sight of the fact that this is a major project in the most-used room of the house, so you have to expect disruption, but our dedicated fitters have been part of the company for years and work quickly and efficiently, with the minimum of fuss. Having also been involved in hand-making the kitchen from the start the fitting team already know the elements and peculiarities of the project, so whilst your walls may or may not be straight, such snags will have been pre-empted and are easily overcome.


Working with you and ensuring you get the kitchen of your dreams doesn’t stop once it has been installed and ceremoniously handed over; we are always just a phone call away and available for any future issues. For some in the past this has been repairing wear and tear many years after installation, whilst for others we are pleased to say it has been for the next kitchen, in the next house, as they have progressed though life.

We look forward to working with you to fulfill your desires.