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How do you get on with odd shapes?

Love them. As we hand make everything ourselves this enables us to design a bespoke kitchen, study or bedroom which makes the most of the odd shapes and sizes while still being practical and interesting.

Can you handle small spaces?

Yes of course. Our kitchens, studies and bedrooms being bespoke mean we make much better us of the limited space that the standard providers.

Do you offer anafter sales service?

Yes. When we finish we will give our clients spray cans and brushable touch up paint or oil. We also give them a handbook on how to maintain your kitchen, worktops etc. If you have any problems, we are a phone call away. We want you to be as proud of your hand made kitchen, bedroom or study as we do, so looking after you is very important to us.

After ordering a kitchen with you can we make any alterations?

Yes. We will make changes to the drawings as many times as is necessary to give you our client what you want. Changes can be made right up to the final survey without charge. We do get asked to make alterations after this but we must charge if it entails extra work.

Can we see previous client’s kitchens, bedrooms or studies?

Of cause. Usually our clients are only too happy to show off the work we have done for them.

What makes your kitchens, bedrooms or studies different to others?

The big difference is our work is truly bespoke, also our work is made to appear to be made as a piece of furniture. A recent kitchen had 1 unit which was approx. 4 m long and included doors and drawers with pan trays, stacks of pan drawers and a break front where the unit went from 600 mm to 700 mm deeps. Looks fantastic and very heavy.

Do you have your own fitters?

We have our own fitters who when they are not fitting work in the workshop helping make the kitchen. So they know how we make the job and share our pride in our work.

Do you have a guarantee?

We do offer a guarantee. It is very rare for us to have to go back to sort out problems. We take a great deal of pride in what we do so we have been back to client’s years later to correct problems, usually something mechanical, not our work. We are more are more likely to have our clients popping into our showroom to say hi and how pleased they are.

How long have you been making kitchens?

We have been designing, hand making and installing kitchens for about 40 years and still enjoying what we do.

Do you supply appliances?

Yes, along with sinks, taps and worktops

How long does your work last?

We make our bespoke kitchens, studies and bedrooms to last. Recently we got a call from a couple who had purchased a property where we had done the kitchen 19 years previously. They wanted some alterations made to it. The kitchen was just as good as it was when we fitted it and what we make now is far superior to our work then. We have recently handmade new kitchens for 2 different clients. The first still own all 3 kitchens, 1 in London, 2nd near Pet5ersfield and the 3rd in a new build. The 2nd has moved 3 times and each time we have made them a new kitchen.

Will you do accompanying work?

Yes, our service, like our work is bespoke. So, we can do everything from building regulations, building work, plumbing, electrics, tiling, flooring, decorating etc. as well as fit the kitchen. We use tradesmen who we trust to make a good job and are fully insured. We do make a charge for this service and a large proportion of our clients are happy to let us organise all this for them. It just up to you to let us know what you need to organise for you.

Are your drawers cushion close?

Yes, we use good quality 4 dimensional drawer runners. They will take up to 40 or 70 kg

If you are making a painted kitchen what materials do you use?

For our traditional construction, we would use a combination of Poplar/Tulip and Pine for the fronts. The only exception would be some panels which would be Oak veneered MDF. We only do that because, despite numerous coats of knotting we found that the knots would still would still come through, years later. We want to be able to see the relief of the grain coming through the paint.

What colour range do you use?

Our handmade kitchens, bedrooms and studies are all bespoke so are the colours. You, the client tell us the colour/s you want, that is what you will get.

What materials do you work in?

We will use whatever material you as a client want. Oak, Ash,Maple, and more, it is up to you, the client.

What do you make your carcases of?

Those carcases which are not seen when the doors are close will be of melamine. The melamine will by default be alabaster (off white) if the kitchen is painted. If the fronts are wood, then we would be looking to try and match the melamine with the wood used.

Where do you buy your carcases?

We don’t, we make them ourselves. We take pride in the fact that we make everything ourselves and that includes the carcases.

Is your work truly bespoke/ handmade?

Yes, we make everything ourselves in our own workshop which is just out of Petersfield on the Hampshire / West Sussex boarder. This gives us a lot more flexibility in designing and hand making your bespoke kitchen, study or bedroom to give you, our clients what you want.